Water Initiatives

We all are aware of the water situation in Bangalore. Water is and will remain the single most important area of concern for everyone in Bangalore.

AIAOWA is trying to look at various alternatives to resolve the crisis. This includes steps like

1. Trying to reduce consumption

2. Efforts in Stabilizing Supply

3. Trying to be self-sufficient & re-use

In each of the above mentioned areas we have done significant work and we continue to do so.


1. Trying to reduce consumption

- Water flow reducing aerators is installed in majority of the apartments (up to 6th floor). We intend to implement this across all flats and make it mandatory.

- You will hear more announcements from our water committee about the same.

- We did an analysis about feasibility of modern water meters but we have put that plan on hold for various reasons.


2. Efforts in Stabilizing Supply

- Multiple vendors and multiple supply points and methods (Pipeline + Tankers) is in place.

- The water committee constantly monitors the supply side.

- Investments are made by AIAOWA with these vendors, so that the vendors can supply adequate amount of water.


  - Bore-wells of the vendors are failing. 3 out of 4 bore-wells of one vendor failed. He is looking for new lands to put more bore wells.

  - Water levels are going down and more bore-wells will fail in near future.

  - Price of water is high and the % growth per year is difficult for anyone to sustain.

  - Water is the largest single expenditure for us and it is growing fast.  



3. Trying to be self-sufficient & re-use

- AIAOWA has 2 bore-wells each of them 800+ and 1000+ feet. 

- We reuse our STP water for commode and gardening and the rest is disposed via vendors.


  - One of the bore-well has already failed (one behind N Block). The other one (near service gate) provides limited water.



So, the above points are enough to indicate the serious situation we all are in. We are a large society and together we can solve this.

AIAOWA looked into various other options ( few options shared by residents in forums and meetings ) and we are happy to inform you that after the due-diligence we have narrowed down our focus on

1. Rain Water Harvesting

2. Grey Water Harvesting


AIAOWA has been in various discussions with Mr. Ayyappa Masagi also known as Water Gandhi.  More details  http://www.rainwaterconcepts.co.in/ . 

Mr. Masagi and his team has joined forces with AIAOWA to solve the water situation.

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