Water Sustainability


Water is an important resource without which we cannot basically live. And in today’s times and maybe tomorrow, water scarcity is going to be our biggest challenge as a society in the Indian context and is a looming threat to urban India. Development and increase in population without commensurate increase in sources of water will put pressure on everybody in India and especially Bangalore.


It is imperative we inculcate measures which encourage conservation and sustainability so as to leave a better place to our future generations and in this series of emails, we will try and understand the issues around water and look at ways and methods to become sustainable. 

Happy reading!

        HOW TO BE SUSTAINABLE          


  • give back to mother nature what we take from her


  • do not waste water


  • Reduce consumption of water


  • reuse water wherever possible


  • Inculcate conservation
  Bangalore may have to be evacuated by 2013 (9 years from now) due to water scarcity:  http://goo.gl/PXLJ2         Rain water harvesting    
            Recharge ground water    
  46% of water is lost across Bangalore: http://goo.gl/JpbHPs              
            Bring up the water table    
  Acute water scarcity by the year 2040 looms over India: http://goo.gl/4IN231              

Purest form of Water is Rainwater!!

Can be collected from OUR roof tops!!!!

  22 of India’s 32 big cities face water crisis: http://goo.gl/5VyNZa   Govt recommended per capita water consumption - 135 liters / day    
REDUCE Grey water harvesting  
        Recharge ground water      
  Use Aerators to reduce water flow / Use lower flow in showers        

Avg rainfall in Bangalore = 85 cm

That’s 850 litres of water per sq meter from the Gods for us!!!!

RO waste water reuse  
  Plug open taps             
  Don’t throw stored water            

     Are we ensuring sustainability?      

Coming Next – Replenishment by Rain water harvesting  
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