Grey Water Harvesting 


All water consumed by human society is in some way or the other recycled naturally. Rain water comes from evaporation and condensation while ground water is nothing but run off of the rains into the ground by percolation. Something which is done naturally by Mother Nature can also be utilized by us in order to ensure another source of water supply and reduce the wastage of water.

In this regard, recycling Grey water in order to harvest the Grey water generated by our homes is an important way to minimize dependence on external factors affecting our water supplies.

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What is Grey Water?


Grey Water is waste water generated by homes after domestic use and excludes sewage and toilet water.

It is generated from Wash Basins, Washing machines, showers and baths as well as dish washing.

This typically makes up 50-80% of a households waste water.

What is Black Water?

Black water is generated from toilets and includes sewage as well as human waste. It contains pathogens which decompose quickly. Black water is separate from grey water at Ajmera Infinity.



  • Nearly as clean as water from many sources as it has lower level of contaminants which can be separated
  • Chief grey components are food waste, body dirt, and soap as well as minor components of oil/grease
  • Much easier to treat and recycle when compared with black water.
  • Multiple filtration systems can be applied to purify the grey water before reuse/recycling.
  • After filtration, samples can be tested for contaminants as well as bacteria for reassurance.
How to harvest    Grey Water


  1. Separate Grease/Oil through Float Separation system.
  2. Filter Solids (Food debris etc) through Coarse Mesh filter and a secondary screen filter
  3. Tertiary filter using sand filtration/Gravel filtration or membrane filters
  4. Take water samples and send them off for checks for bacterial contamination
  5. If the bacteria count is too high, either use bleach or UV or ozone (RO) as a purifying step
  6. Let the final purified water lawns or gardens or go into recharge pits with another layer of natural ground filtration. This step can kill bacteria in water as many bacteria cannot survive in the ground.

The water table can be brought up using the above techniques while some grey water can be used for gardening purposes or it can even by treated further for use in flushes.

Coming Next – Replenishment by Rain water harvesting  
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