AIAOWA Rules & Regularions

  1. Preamble

 In its efforts to promote and sustain an outstanding community, the Ajmera Infinity Apartment Owners’ Welfare Association shall be guided
by a set of shared values, to which all its Members stand committed.  These values, expressed as the guiding principles of the community, shall
be the touchstone for the Rules of Residential complex and operating guidelines of the Association.  These Rules of Residential complex are
intended as code of conduct for the Residents.

These are aimed at serving the common interest of Residents and are framed with the following objectives:

  1. to ensure a harmonious, safe & secure living environment for the Residents;
  2. to ensure comfortable and peaceful living for the Residents by ensuring that the Common areas and Facilities are in good working order
    and available at all times;
  3. to facilitate Residents enjoy the benefits of  community and well connected living;
  4. to  preserve  and  enhance  the  brand value of  by  making  it  one of the most desirable places to live in the city.

  1. Association of Members is empowered to make the Rules of the Residential complex under powers given to it by the Memorandum and Byelaws of the Residential complex to which each of the Members have submitted themselves.
  2. Residents shall be obliged to abide by the Rules of the Residential complex and pay such contributions, amounts, fees and fines as prescribed by the Association. Any amount assessed by the Association against the Resident remaining unpaid shall be a charge against the Dwelling unit.
  3. Association is empowered to amend the Rules of the Residential complex from time to time in  manner as deemed fit by it in the interest of common good and welfare of Residents.
  4. These Rules supersede all previous communications, clarifications, guidelines issued by the Association in respect of the matters mentioned herein.
  5. Association may from time to time issue such clarifications, guidelines to Residents as may be required to clarify the intent, scope and manner of application of these Rules of the Residential complex.  

          In these rules and guidelines, unless the context requires otherwise:

  1. Act means the Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960 (KSR Act) and Rules, 1961 (KSR Rules) or the Karnataka Apartment Ownership Act, 1972 (KAO Act) and Rules, 1975 (KAO Rules) as relevant to the context and as amended from time to time, as the context may require.
  2. Association   means   the Ajmera Infinity Apartment Owners’ Welfare Association, being association of Members constituting of Office bearers formed for the purpose of carrying out objectives as prescribed in the Memorandum and Byelaws.
  3. Association staff means the persons engaged by the Association or employees of the service providers engaged by the Association (including security guards, housekeeping staff, electrician, plumber etc.) to serve the Residents within the Residential complex.
  4. Builder means Ajmera Housing Corporation, Bangalore.
  5. Commercial activities includes any activity which is initiated to derive income, and  
    1. make use of Common areas more than what other Residents normally do, or;
    2. requires persons not residing in Residential complex to visit the Residential complex in such numbers which is significantly more than persons visiting Residents normally, or;
    3. any activity which is declared a commercial activity by the Association. 
  6. Common areas shallunless otherwise provided in the Declaration, or lawful amendment thereto shall mean:
    1. The land on which the Residential complex is located, excluding the Dwelling units;
    2. The foundations, columns, girders, beams, supports, main walls, parapets, roofs, halls, corridors, passages, lobbies, stairs, stairways, fire-escapes, entrances and exits of the Residential complex;
    3. Yards, gardens, terraces other than those allotted for private use, parking areas other than those sold, and storage spaces;
    4. The  premises  used  as  offices,  store-rooms,  rest  rooms,  or  rooms  for  the  lodging  of janitors, or persons employed for the management of the property;
    5. Installation  for  the  central  services,  such  as  power,  light,  gas,  hot  and  cold  water, heating, refrigeration, air-conditioning and incinerating, etc;
    6. The  elevators,  tanks,  pumps,  motors,  fans,   compressors,  ducts,  filtration  apparatus, communication  facilities  such  as  cable  for  television  and  Internet  access,  security equipment and installations existing for common use;
    7. All other parts of the Residential complex necessary, or convenient to its existence, maintenance and safety, or normally in common use;
    8. Facilities
    9. Football ground and other areas demarcated for sporting activities;
  7. Defaulting member shall mean such member who has not paid the dues assessed and demanded by the Association for more than 2 months beyond the prescribed date.
  8. Dwelling unit means an individual apartment in the Residential complex which is identified by a unique number.
  9. Facilities shall mean to include the following:
    1. Club house, gymnasium, party hall, indoor swimming pool, library, wellness center, badminton court, squash court, table tennis room, billiards room, change rooms, wash rooms  including all its fittings, fixtures, equipment, both movable and fixed;
    2. Outdoor swimming pool;
    3. Lifts;
    4. DG sets;
    5. STP;
    6. Landscaping, plantations and children play area;
    7. Cricket nets, volleyball court and Mini golf course;
    8. Clinic and laundry;
    9. Play school;
    10. Water provided by Association;
    11. Electricity in Common areas;
    12. Security services.
  10. Law means any rule, regulation, guideline, circular, instruction, ordinance, decision, direction, notification, advisory issued by the Government of India or any State Government, statutory body, court, public authority and in force at the relevant time.
  11. Office bearers shall mean the executive members of the Association consisting of the persons elected by Members in the manner prescribed from among themselves as President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer and Co Treasurer and such number of sub- committee members as elected by executive members.
  12. Member shall mean a person or in case of joint owners, all such persons who lawfully owns a Dwelling unit in the Residential complex.
  13. Memorandum and Byelaws __________________________
  14. Office hours shall mean the period between 10am to 5:30 pm (excluding period between 1:00pm to 2:00pm) on such days of the week except Sunday, when scheduled banks are open for business.
  15. Resident shall mean a Member residing in the Residential complex or any Tenant.
  16. Residential complex shall mean the complex known as Ajmera Infinity situated in Doddathogur Village, Begur Hobli on Neeladri Road, Electronic City Phase – 1, Bangalore – 560 100, consisting of 17 blocks of buildings for use as residence, being Block A to Block R (there being no Block O), having 20 floors each from ground floor (Floor 0) to 19 and underground car parking  facility and all Facilities constructed on piece of land being as described in Schedule – 1, and include the land, appurtenant thereto and all form of vegetation forming part thereof.
  17. Rules of the Residential complex means the byelaws, these rules, guidelines, policies, instructions and advisory framed or issued by the Management committee to Residents in respect of matters provided in the Memorandum and Byelaws. 

Tenant shall mean a person occupying a Dwelling unit and residing therein under an agreement for lease or license with the Member or otherwise under authority from Member.

  1. All Residents shall abide with Law and these Rules of the Residential complex shall be subject to Law.
  2. Rules of the Residential complex shall be strictly abided by all Residents.
  3. Rules of the Residential complex may be amended by the Association at such times and in such manner as deemed fit by it. Any amendment in Rules shall be duly intimated to Residents before its implementation.
  4. Notwithstanding the Rules of Residential complex, safeguards, processes, procedures and other measures that Association may put in place or fail to put in place, Residents shall be solely responsible for their conduct or misconduct, act or omission and consequences thereof.
  5. Association or any of its Office bearers shall not be responsible for any act of commission or omission, misconduct or negligent behavior by Residents. Any damage or loss caused to any property of Residents, Facilities, Common areas or any property situated therein or any part thereof shall be made good by the Resident(s) causing such damage or loss.
  6. Association or any of its Office bearers shall not be responsible for any act of commission or omission, misconduct (including misappropriation of funds, theft, forgery, breach of trust) of any of the Association staff. Association shall be employing, allowing Association staff inside the Residential complex on good faith basis after doing a reasonable verification, background check.
  7. Members, Residents are expected to communicate about the Rules of Residential complex to their Tenants, visitors, guest, employees and other person who may be entering the Residential complex at behest of Members, Residents and to make them abide with Rules of Residential complex.
  8. Office of Association shall be the registered office which shall work during Office hours.
  9. Residents are not allowed to operate any Commercial activities from Dwelling units, unless prior written consent from the Association is obtained. Association may also prescribe rules regarding such operations on case to case basis as well as charge such fee as it may deem fit.
  10. Association staff shall not run personal errands of the Residents.
  11. Residents are expected not to cause any nuisance or inconvenience to fellow Residents.
  12. Use of loudspeakers or playing loud music or making loud noises is not allowed after 10pm.
  13. No activity which is considered illegal and against the interest of general public and Residents shall be allowed in the Residential complex.
  14. Residents should not interfere in the day-to-day workings of the Association staff. If Residents have any questions, suggestions, complaints regarding the working of Association staff, they may communicate the same in writing at the register maintained at Association office.
  15. Payments in respect of the Dwelling units including in respect of electricity, property tax, telephone bills etc. shall be responsibility of the respective Residents. Association shall play no role in facilitating payment of such expenses. Authorities may disconnect connections on failure to pay dues on time and Association shall have no role to play in reinstatement of such connections without full settlement of pending dues.
  16. In case of emergencies, personnel authorized by the Association shall have a right to enter into any Dwelling units after intimating to the Resident. Resident shall allow such entry for the purpose notified by the Association.
  17. Use of roof top terrace by Residents for personal use is strictly prohibited. Holding terrace parties or other functions, washing utensils and committing any nuisance on terraces is strictly prohibited.
  18. Residents will be informed of working hours, important contact information, escalation matrix and complaint procedures for facilities and maintenance services.  Any change therein will be intimated to the Residents from time-to-time.
  19. Notice Board is been placed  at all apartment buildings to exhibit meeting notices, activities ,  Resolutions, Proceedings etc., and intimation through such Notice Boards shall be considered adequate.
  20. Residents are expected to settle any differences and disputed that they may have with fellow Residents amicably among themselves. Association shall not generally be involved in disputes or differences between the Residents unless so requested in writing by one of the parties to the dispute. In such a case, Association may only play role of a facilitator to try and settle the dispute.
  21. Association with not get involved in disputes or differences that individual Residents may have with the Builder unless the matter of dispute is of a nature which impacts or may impact Residents at large.
  22. Association with not get involved in disputes or differences that individual Resident may have with another Resident unless the matter of dispute is of a nature which impacts or may impact Residents at large.
  23. Members should provide details of their address of communication, email address, phone numbers, details of Tenants to the Association and should endeavor to keep such details updated at all times so that communicate may be made by the Association to Members and their Tenants. 
  24. Breach of Rules of Residential complex shall invite such action including levy of fines as decided by the Association.
  1. Residents shall make best endeavours to keep and maintain Common areas clean and tidy.
  2. Plucking of flowers in the garden areas or damaging plants or trees is prohibited.
  3. Residents shall not install their personal equipments like AC, dish antenna etc on the common wall or in the common area.
  4. Common areas shall not be used for any kind of gathering, functions, video shoots, promotional activity, private parties without prior written consent from the Association. Association may prescribe such restrictions and fee to be paid before such activities are allowed.
  5. Scribbling or scratching on common area walls or in lifts is strictly prohibited. Writing of slogans or putting posters on walls in common areas in the Residential complex is not allowed.
  6. Residents shall not consume alcoholic beverages in the Common areas.
  7. Spitting is prohibited within the Residential complex except at places earmarked or in spitting bins.
  8. Eating paan or tobacco/ drinking alcohol / smoking or littering in Common areas is prohibited.
  9. No household items are allowed to be kept/stored in the common lobbies on each floor (for eg. flower pots, dustbins, shoe racks, cycles etc.)
  10. Fire escape areas to be kept clean and clear at all times. In case blockage (including by way of litter, waste objects, cartons, boxes etc.) is found in fire escape areas, it shall be deemed that all Dwelling units on the concerned floor have contributed to the blockage and fine shall be imposed on all Dwelling units of the concerned floor.
  11. Fish and other animals kept in the waters of fishing deck are not to be disturbed or taken out of water. Residents should advise their children not to feed fish or other animals and not to throw stones or any other object in the water.

No Resident shall block Common areas in any manner whatsoever, temporarily or permanently or put locks etc. to block Resident’s access to Common areas.


  1. Residents shall not paint the outside walls in a color different from existing color.
  2. External modification, alterations, putting window air conditioners, personal generators are not permitted.
  3. No modifications in Dwelling units are allowed without prior sanctions. Any structural change or any change in facade is not permitted.
  4. Balcony areas shall not be enclosed with permanent structures; however, transparent sheets may be put on grills and railing height can be increased in a manner as prescribed.
  5. Utility balcony can only be enclosed with the grill in the manner prescribed.
  6. Activities such as cooking, vessel cleaning etc. is not allowed outside the Dwelling units, in Common areas or in the park.
  7. Residents getting interior work done in their Dwelling units must ensure that no debris / unused material are left anywhere on the Common areas, pathways, staircases, lifts, or dumped outside the gate.
  8. Residents should ensure that work is completed within working hours without causing disturbance to fellow Residents.
  9. Normal working hours for contractors and interior workers in individual Dwelling units are 8.00 am to 6.00 pm on working days. No interior work is allowed in Dwelling units on sundays and public holidays.
  10. Workers, carpenters should be out of Residential complex by 7pm. Workers are not permitted to stay in the Dwelling units over night.
  11. If the work needs more than 2 days, then the Dwelling unit resident has to inform the Association staff in writing, using work notification and a security deposit has to be kept with the association as prescribed.
  12. Any outsider, sub-contractor working in the Dwelling unit will be required to obtain temporary Private Employee ID cards before commencement of work after submitting proof of address and photograph. There will be a fee for issuance of such cards as decided by the association from time to time.
  13. It is advised that the Members seek transfer of BESCOM meter allotted to their Dwelling units in their name as end users.
  14. It is desirable that Members take general insurance policy for their Dwelling units against instances of fire, theft etc. Association shall not be liable for loss caused to any Resident due to any untoward incident.
  15. Residents should follow rules of waste segregation as prescribed. Household garbage should be segregated into wet and dry.  Kitchen and wet waste should be collected in plastics garbage bags and disposed off in the garbage chute only.
  16. Glass items and items which are too large for the chute, for eg. pizza boxes and cartons, should be disposed off along with the dry garbage.  The dry garbage (newspapers, books, plastic/glass bottles etc) should be kept at the designated collection points in each block and not in common space like landing in each floor.
  17. No garbage / waste material or any other items / articles should be thrown from the balconies / windows. In order to maintain the decor and cleanliness, Residents should not use the balcony railings for dusting rugs, carpets or for drying clothes etc.
  18. Flower pots should not be kept on the parapets to avoid accidents or water seepage to the balcony below.
  19. In case of any seepage emanating from any of the Dwelling units, it shall be the responsibility of the owner of the concerned Dwelling unit to get it repaired immediately. In case the seepage reaches other Dwelling units, owner of the Dwelling unit from where the seepage emanated shall be responsible for restoring the condition of the other affected Dwelling units.
  20. In case of any seepage, breakage or leakages source of which cannot be ascertained, all Dwelling units near to the point of such seepage, breakage or leakage shall share the cost of restoration.
  21. Residents should make best endeavor to ensure that water pipes are not blocked. Residents should also advise their carpenters, maids not to throw waste objects in the water pipes. In case water pipes are found blocked, all Dwelling units to which the affected pipe is directly connected to shall be fined.

In case of any attempt or act of theft, break-in in the Dwelling units, Residents should inform the Association in writing immediately with as much details as possible. Association shall make efforts to seek police help for the affected Resident.


  1. Residents shall make best endeavors to keep the swimming pool clean and hygienic.
  2. Residents shall use the swimming pool only during the pool timings as displayed near the swimming pool.
  3. Residents intending to use the swimming pool should keep their Resident ID cards handy to display it in case so asked by the Association staff. In case of non availability of ID cards, such fee as prescribed shall be levied.
  4. Residents may bring their guests to use the swimming pool on payment of such fees as may be prescribed by the Association.
  5. Persons using swimming pool shall change clothes in the changing rooms only.
  6. Users of the swimming pool facility should sign on the register placed near the swimming pool by quoting their name and Dwelling unit number.
  7. Appropriate swim wear is mandatory while using the swimming pool (eg., cotton shorts, t-shirts, salwar – kameez, shirt – pants, jeans etc. should not be worn inside the swimming pool). Users sporting long hair are advised to wear a swimming cap. Footwear should not be used in swimming pool and should be kept in locker.
  8. Users should use locker room to keep their belongings. Maintenance staff is not responsible for security of users’ belongings.
  9. It is mandatory for users to take shower before using the pool.
  10. Residents, who do not know swimming or are learners, should use the swimming pool strictly under the supervision of professional trainers.
  11. Children below 10 years are allowed only in the kids’ splash pool and have to be accompanied by an adult otherwise they will not be allowed in the pool.
  12. Toddlers below 3 years are not permitted near the swimming pool area.
  13. Users with any skin ailments or contagious diseases, including eye infections should not use the swimming pool.
  14. Playing and running around the swimming pool area is not allowed. Spitting, spouting of water or blowing the nose in the swimming pool is not allowed.
  15. Eating/drinking/smoking in and around the swimming pool is strictly prohibited. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted inside or near the swimming pool.
  16. Personal chairs/other furniture are not permitted in the swimming pool area.
  17. Swimming pool should be used only for the duration paid for by the user. Association staff is not responsible to intimate users of lapse of duration. Users will have to pay for the time for which the swimming pool is used.

IMPORTANT: Swimming pool is intended for the use of only such Residents and their guests who know swimming well or who use swimming pool under supervision of professional trainers. Users shall be responsible for their own safety in the swimming pool. In case of minors, the parents/guardians are responsible for safety and supervision of their children in/near the swimming pool. Association and or any of its Office bearers, Association staff shall not responsible for any untoward incident in/near the swimming pool.


To Be added

To Be added

Pet Policies - AIAOWA

Details to be captured in a form by all the existing/new tenants and owners

  • Where they got the pet from?
  • Breed of the pet?
  • How long they have had the pet?
  • How old the pet is?
  • If the pet has ever bitten any human or animal?
  • Details of the person who will be responsible for taking the pet for walk and nature call. (to be provided if the responsible person is a servant or service hired)
  • Who will care for the pet when the owner is not home?
  • Vet card copy (to be submitted every year)


AIAOWA Pet Policies

  1. All existing/new pet owners are requested to fill the required form with details listed above and submit to CRM office within next 15 working days.
  2. Any dangerous breed which is banned under the rules and regulations laid down by Govt. of India inside apartments are strictly prohibited. If otherwise found, the owner will need to detest himself from pet on immediate basis.
  3. All pets will need to have all the required vaccinations as per norms. The Owner is required to submit the vet card from certified clinic every year.
  4. We recommend the pet owners to put a tag with details like owner name, contact details and flat # around their leash at all times. This is for the benefit of the owners to ensure that the pet can be returned safely if lost inside campus.
  5. All dogs will be on a leash at all times outside of the apartment. The pets are not allowed to sit on benches and the pet owners are requested to cooperate with residents in such of any such confrontations or requests.
  6. Other animals, such as birds and hamsters, should be appropriately caged.
  7. The pet owner is responsible for cleaning up any “accidents” their pet has left inside the apartment, inside the building or outdoors. The resident is requested to make the pet poop on a piece of paper and immediately discard it to nearby dustbins after putting in a proper packet.
  8. For urination, the pet if urinates in park or drain inside campus should be immediately washed away with sufficient water.
  9. If any resident is found guilty of breaking above rules shall be charged a penalty of 2000/- INR on spot.
  10. Under any circumstance, any such activities in lifts will not be tolerated. An immediately penalty of 5000/- will be charged to the owner of the pet if the pet is caught attending nature call in lifts. 
  11. The pet owner is required to pay for any damage their animal has caused to the common facilities.
  12. If any person is bit by the pet, the owner will be responsible to fulfill all the following requirements on immediate basis –
    • Treatment for victim (cost has to be completely borne by the pet owner)
    • Get fresh certification from vet that dog is not carrying any disease
    • Put dog mask while taking it out
    • No permission to take the dog to public places (e.g. Playground or lift when there are other people, parking lots, near More etc.)
  13. If any part of the pet agreement is violated, or the pet becomes a nuisance or a hazard to others, association can require the pet be removed.
  14. Association shall issue additional guidelines to restrict the hours for the activities that cause noise and disturbance to the residents. Every Owner/Resident should exercise due care to ensure that their pet animals do not disturb others. Two (2) warnings shall be issued following which AIAOWA is liable to penalize the owner with 2000/- INR on every following instance and/or put dog mask.
  15. During holiday breaks and intersession periods, all pets must be taken with the resident. AIAOWA is not responsible for any pet that is left within an apartment
  16. No pets are allowed in any facilities like clubhouse, CRM office etc. This includes the pets of friends/guests or relatives.
  17. It is the responsibility of pet owners to assure the welfare of their animals during pest control services.
  18. AIAOWA holds the right to make changes to the pet agreement as long as you give proper notice, at least 30 days. 

Most importantly, we respect everyone sentiments and understand that the pets are integral part of the owners family. We intend to conduct pet shows at least once every year to encourage all pet owners comes together and share a common social platform.

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