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AIAOWA provides multiple services to the residents.  More than 100 direct and indirect staff work inside the campus to provide the services to the residents.

If there is any inturruption of services the residents must contact the helpdesk ot visit the AIAOWA facilities office and meet the staff.

All contacts can be found at AIAOWA Directory
Staff details can be found at AIAOWA Staff.

AIAOWA provides security services inside the campus.  Around 25 guards man various positions inside the campus and manage the security gates, visitor entry, visitor parking, service gate, vendor entry, staff entry.  The campus is monitored using around 90 CCTV cameras. A ERT ( Emergency Response Team) is present amongst the guards who reach our to locations and flats in case of emergencies. AIAOWA also conducts various drills and mock drills to keep the staff alert. 

Safety service also includes visitor entry management, domestic worker entry/exit management and vendor entry exit management.

 Ambulance Service is available in emergency cases and can be used by the residents. Please call the HelpDesk.

Buggie Service is available to residents to commute internally.  The service should be ideally used by senior citizens and ladies with children. Please call the HelpDesk. 

AIAOWA staff manage and maintain the WTP ( Water Treatment Plant ) and the STP ( Sewage Treatment Plan ) and ensures water supply to individual flats.


All flats are offered a 24 x 7 power back.  The specification for the power back is determined by the size of the apartment. A device called ACCL ( Automatic Changeover Cum Current Limiter) is fitted for each apartment at the electrical room at level 0 or -1 which switches and limits the backup supply to the flats. 

ACCL (Automatic Changeover Cum Current Limiter) Specifications

EB 30 amps and DG 3 amps for 1 BHK
EB 30 amps and DG 6 amps for 2 BHK
EB 30 amps and DG 9 amps for 3 BHK

Backup Power supply is available only in the 5 AMPs connections. 








AIAOWA ensures supply of electricity (BESCOM and DG backup) till the junction board of the apartment. To avail this facility please read the instructions from Maintenance Issues article.

  1. Cost of ACCL (Automatic Changeover Cum Current Limiter), Meters etc. if required to be replaced has to be paid and procured by the resident and the electrician charges are borne by AIAOWA.
  2. Internal apartment complaints, lights changes, geyser fitting, new fittings etc. are not includes in AIAOWA service.

AIAOWA employs plumbers and offers free plumbing service to residents. Labour changes related to internal plumbing related work is taken care by AIAOWA.  Any material changes are to be taken care by the resident. To avail this facility please read the instructions from Maintenance Issues article.

  1. Installation of geyser, new fittings, civil work are not includes in AIAOWA service.
  2. It shall be Resident’s responsibility not to choke sewage the drainage pipes with garbage, sawdust, cement pieces, plastic bags/wrappers, toys, sanitary items etc. In case of any such clogging, the Resident chocking the drainage pipes shall have to bear charges for cleaning the same, along with the applicable fine as determined by the Association.


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