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We often seek a lot of information about doing "things" on our own. Things which are simple or complex. This page covers a list of DIYs.  Please send us more feedback so that we can enhance this for the benefit of Ajmera Infinity residents. Please note that all the topics here are related to common interest of Ajmera Infinity residents.

Posted by Sudarsahn on 22/01/2013 - Please update

Get the NoC (No objection Certificate) from Ajmera, you can get it from CRM office. They insist on Khata being transferred for this, but I dont understand why!! The BESCOM guys dont ask for status of Khata transfer!!

Details of your meter are required, if you go to the BESCOM office without this, they will ask you to get a form completed and signed by the lineman who comes and bills us monthly. That might take some time. So I took pictures of my Meter, showing the meter serial number, the make and the capacity. All these are printed on the meters , I just took the picture and got it printed, easy way out. Avoided the time to be spent in running behind the lineman.
- Take a copy of your Sale deed, ALL PAGES, and get them notarized. This cost me 275 bucks @ 10 bucks per page, managed to get a 25 Rs. discount for bulk notarization of 30 pages. Got this done at the BDA complex in Koromangla, am sure there are ways of doing this cheaper :)
- Go to the Bescom office at Kudlu gate. You need the following which you will get there itself, 
    # Power Supply agreement - Costs 200 Rs, + 25 Rs cost of Franking, you will get this there
    # Indemnity Bond for Transfer agreement - Costs 100 Rs. 
     #Completed form for transfer of RR # in your name. 
- The above together costs 325 INR, for about 25-50 extra, the guys there will put all these in a folder (the folder is not required, but!!) and give it to you. Do not pay anything more than that, its not needed. I did not give even that as I directly went to the Executive Engineer there and process was smooth. 
- Complete the above, bind them together, pay a transfer fees of 100 INR in the counter and submit this to the counter there. You get a receipt as an acknowledgement, and Voila, the name changes in the next month's bill. If it doesnt, just give them another visit (I decided to give them a reminder even before my next bill came, so that it happened positively). 

All the above process cost me only about 700 Rs, give or take a few bucks. Did it for three of us together and it was a breeze!! The total process took me 4 hours, out of which 2 were spent in making a trip to Koromangla BDA complex :). 
Believe me the process is simple and the guys there specially the senior guys are extremely helpful, they do not demand bribe and do not encourage it. 

Visit  Register your electricity meter in the site. Electricity bill has all required information.  The same site can be used to pay electricity bill and ASD.  Additional Security Deposit (ASD) has to be paid by each resident.

Billing happens around 15th of every month. Electricity bills are dropped in individual letter boxes.

There are other sites like which can be used to pay electricity bills also.

On failure/delay in payment of either the bill or the ASD the BESCOM lines are disconnected by BESCOM staff.  This is reconnected only by them after payment is done.  AIAOWA has no role to play in this.



Need contributions to fill in this sections. Send DIYs to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Need contributions to fill in this sections. Send DIYs to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Need contributions to fill in this sections. Send DIYs toThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Need contributions to fill in this sections. Send DIYs toThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Applicants holding driving licence/learner’s licence/conductor’s licence desire for noting change of address shall make an application on plain paper along
with documents and any one of the following proof of address :

Ration Card
LIC Policy
Electoral Roll
Telephone Bill
Electricity Bill
Water Bill
Caste Certificate (SC/ST, Backward Class and Minorties, etc.) and Income Certificate issued by Tahasildar.
Pay slip issued by any office of the Central Government or a State Government or a Local body.

Self swearing Affidavit by an applicant before an executive Magistrate or a First Class Judicial Magistrate or a Notary Public as evidence of age and address
Proof of legal presence in India in addition to proof of residence in case of foreigners.

Change of address will be recorded in the respective Learner's Licence / Driving Licence / Conductor Licence will be delivered on the same day between
4.30 pm to 5.30 pm. if issued in the same office.

Note:1. For effecting change of address in PVC Driving Licence Card a fee of Rs. 215/- has to be paid at RTO cash counter and the applicant himself has to be
present for capturing photograph.

2. In case of the driving licence/conductor licence issued by other licencing authorities change of address will be effected after 30 days on due verification .   for ready reference


Application & Documents Required:

Application form CMV 35 in Dupliacte along with Confirmation letter from the financier.
Registration Certificate (RC Book).
Fitness Certificate in case of Transport vehicle.
Tax Card.
Insurance Certificate.
Pollution Under Control Certificate.
Fee Rs 100/- (to be paid at RTO Cash Counter)

The application along with documents shall be submitted at Registration Section.

The above Documents to be submitted along with a Self Address Green Postal Cover with 17 Rupees Stamp on it in the Respective RTO office between Monday to Friday in Office cash Hours i.e 10 am  to 1 pm .

After Submitting the Docs you need to collect a Acknowledgement from the RTO which will mentioned the Date of Getting back the RC Card. It will generally be one month from the Date of Submission.



The following procedure has to be followed for RENEWAL of Driving licence.

Application for renewal of driving licence can be made within 30 days from the date of expiry of validity of driving licence

Application and documents:

•             Application form in CMV 9 available at the enquiry counter.
•             Application-cum-declaration as to the physical fitness in form CMV 1 and Medical  Certificate in form CMV 1A in case of applicant who  completed 40 years of age.
•             Holder of DL for transport vehicle shall produce physical fitness and medical certificate at the time of renewal of DL.
•             3 recent passport size photographs
•             driving licence (Book or PVC Card).

1. Fees: (payable at the RTO cash counter):
•             Rs. 50/- in case of Renewal at DL Book if within 30 days from the date of expiry of Driving Licence.
•             In respect of renewal of driving licence in form 6(DL Book)/form 7 (PVC Card) if application is made after the grace period (after 30 days of expiry of DL) Rs. 100/- and an additional fee of Rs. 50/- for a period of delay of one year or part thereof reckoned from the date of expiry of grace period.
•             In addition to the above, Rs. 215/- for Renewal of  PVC Card.

2. Where to file an application ?
•             The application with above documents has to be submitted to Asst. R.T.O.(Driving Licence Branch).

The driving licence will be renewed for the period of five years in respect of Non-Transport Vehicle and three years for Transport vehicles. The renewed driving licence will be delivered on the same day between 4.30 – 5.30 pm if the licence is obtained in the same office. In other cases after 20 days between 4.30 pm and 5.30 pm since it requires verification and involves correspondence.


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