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Ajmera Infinity Run Club

The name has been chosen to proudly represent our society. We don’t have a joining criteria, no fee, no hassles. All one has to do is to turn up at the football ground at 5:45 am on our running days. Everyone is welcome to join us. We run for fun.  We are a group of people who enjoy running. We have beginners (those who have never ran) to folks who have run for long time.

The club was started in the second half of 2014 as an attempt to gather all the runners inside Ajmera Infinity and form a group to strengthen the culture of running. Now, we are a group of around 40+ people.

We have participated as groups in many of the running events in Bangalore from 2014 till now. Some of the events which we have covered are Bangalore Marathon (October 2014), Ajmera Thump Marathon (Dec 2014), Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (Jan 2015), Ramanagara Marathon (March 2015), Pinkathon (Feb 2015), Bangalore Unity Run (March 2015) and Contours Women’s Day Run (March 2015). The biggest achievement has been every event we take part, all our runners will complete the miles and come back without any injury.

We also consciously try to arrange one event for our community Kids once in a quarter. This is covered under the title Run Ajmera Run. Our first of such events was in December 2014 which had a participation of around 55 kids.  We are planning to have the second such event in March 2015.


Our Training Schedule

We do 3 days of training in a week. Three running workout in a week is one of the most standard workout followed by many runners and coaches. We also follow the same.

Our standard start time is 5:45 am at the Football Ground. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we run inside our campus. Friday session is in the Clubhouse. And Sunday run is outside Ajmera campus and back.


TuesdaysInterval (speed) training - which is a short burst of high intensity to bring up our max Vo2 level? This helps to increase our speed.


Thursdays - Tempo run (also known as lactate threshold or LT) is a 'comfortably hard' run. This is aimed at bringing our lactate threshold higher so we can run harder for longer duration. We sometimes mix up our workouts with a hill run or some fartlek workout.


FridaysStrength Session which is very useful for any runner or player. We do tabata and series of intense core workouts. This helps us to prevent injury and make our core stronger.


Sundays - Long Slow Run (LSD) is needed for endurance. It strengthens the heart to increase blood supply and to pump oxygen. It helps the body to burn fat (which all of us wish to). Helps the body to run efficiently and with minimal energy use. One of the most important need for marathon/half marathon is LSD. It is run at 20% less effort than MP (Marathon Pace) or 30% less effort than HMP (Half Marathon Pace). We do a 30 minute conditioning workout after our Sunday long runs at the clubhouse.


Our usual mode of communication is Whatsapp. Anyone who wants to run could inform any one of us and join the club. Contact : Brojen @ 9632 219554 or Roopak @ 9686 952054

Facebook Page : (Closed group. Add on request)


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